MI.GA.L. has 12 automated lines, 2 furnaces, a mechanical maintenance workshop and a technical office dedicated to high-quality high pressure die-casting. 

Design, high pressure die casting and finishing.

Die casting is a process which consists in melting of light and ultra-light metals such as aluminum or magnesium, injected into a mold at a pressure between 140 and 1,400 bars.

Die-cast aluminum is particularly suitable for use in different sectors including: lighting, automotive, industry, agriculture, medical accessories and military sector.

Some technical data of the plant:

  • 12 automated lines
  • Capacity of trimming in line
  • Tons power from 280 to 900 tons
  • 2 furnaces of 42 and 18 Q
  • Mechanical workshop for maintenance and modification of molds
  • Technical department for product development and mold design, simulation and Co-Desing
  • Quality Department
  • Logistic service and production planning

Design department

  • Software CAD/CAM/CAE

Tooling department 

  • Internal tooling department
  • Production and internal maintenance of molds

Productive area

Dedicated plant in Reggio Emilia for high pressure die casting, with dedicated plant in Brescia for mechanical machining with:

  • 4 vertical CNC
  • 10 horizontal CNC
  • 2 ISO50 horizontal CNC
  • 2 lathes CNC

Mechanical machining

Finishing of components in cooperation with certified highly experienced partners.

Quality management following norm ISO 9001:2008

  • Integrated metrological laboratory with specific 3D control machine
  • 3D measure machine
  • Devices for material test analysis

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