With its 7 companies, the Group is a strong partner able to offer an integrated process, with severe controls performed at each manufacturing phase. 

The strenght point of the Group is the ability to supply products with high quality standards by optimizing productivity and costs. The companies of the Group are:

MI.GA.L. Srl
Metal Technology Srl
Zucchetti Mario Forging Spa
Strambini e Boroni Srl
Pressofusione Comero Srl
Svea Stampi Srl

The structure and organization of MI.GA.L. Group stands out by excellence and ability to offer a single and integrated partnership along the entire producitve chain: hot forging, shell casting, high pressure die casting and mechanical machining. With its consolidated know-how, the Group is present in the following industries: water, oil & gas, electrical, automotive.

Corporate structure

the group

Business model

Phase 1


The phase of solutions project and design is carried out together with the customers, considering their needs and their techical demands. Then MI.GA.L. manufactures the dies in its dedicated internal mechanical department.

Phase 2

Transformation of the raw material

The Group selects the most appropriate technology based on the physical characteristics of the raw materials used and the destination of the finished product. MI.GA.L. is able to apply different technologies to the same material, thus enriching the offer of possible solutions for its customers.



Forging (Metaltechnology Srl)
Casting (Strambini & Boroni Srl)
High pressure die casting (Mecwor Srl)




Water & fluid control

Phase 3

Mechanical machining and surface treatments

The Group adopts the most advanced high automated technologies for the mechanical processing of the products. MI.GA.L. is also able to manage surface treatments by cooperation of accredited partners. finishing steps and packaging are managed internally.



Mechanical machining (MI.GA.L. srl, Metaltechnology Srl, Strambini& Boroni Srl)

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

The cornerstones of the Group

Qualified personnel
Advanced softwares



Quality control devices
Staff training
ISO 9001:2015

Capisaldi aziendali MI.GA.L

Verticalization of productive process
Strategic planning of investments
Direct costs reduction thorugh automation 



ISO 14001:2015

Main success factors

High technological level, productive capcity and flexibility: this is how MI.GA.L. responds to the market need of perfomarmant products. The availability of an integrated process allows MI.GA.L. to act as leader partner on several markets.

  • Adequate technical specifications
  • Controled costs
  • Reliable suppliers
  • The competition on prices comes from non-differentiated products, excess of productive capacity, exit barriers and high fixed costs
  • An effecient structure of controled costs is thus necessary
  • The wide variety of technologies and know how allows the production of complex and diversified products
  • High productive capacity, with ability to manage picks of demand
  • High levels of automation to reduce fix costs
  • Flexibility of the production, able to adequate to different materials
  • Integrated process of manufaturing and service, to follow the product from design to packaging

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