MI.GA.L. strongly believes in human resources training and in technological progress integrated processes.

The Group competitiveness is based on verticalization of the productive process, on medium long term investment plan and reduction of direct costs through advanced engineering and automation. Over 40 years experience together with management global strategy lead to a controlled process flow and consequently to high level standards of the final product.

Through the entire production process, all appropriate measures are taken to safeguard safety and environment.
The company values, consolidated over the years, merge into a method that aims to develop and implement technologies for the supply non-ferrous products. Each customer is followed and supported in all requests by qualified personnel.

In order to respond in a timely manner to the needs of an increasingly demanding market, the Group has invested resources in the creation of a design department; here the projects are anlayzed, studied and developed to obtain the final product which is  customized in every single detail. Moreover, thanks to a structured industrialization department, MI.GA.L. can perform digital simulations and establish the best production process, with optimization of costs and performance.

Vision e mission

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