Figures are the objective data that allow the Group to show up to the market in a transparent manner.

Year after year, the evidence has shown a constant growth able to confirm the solidity and professionalism of  MI.GA.L. Transparency on numbers is a strong value that undelines the healthy economic status of the Group. 

Turnover of Group MI.GA.L.

Turnover trends from 2002 to 2019

Revenues of Group MI.GA.L.



Turnover breakdown 2018

Expressed in Mio €



Financial indicators

Aggregate data 2018




11,651 Mio €
Gross Profit Margin (EBITDA)


16,689 Mio €
Net financial position (NFP)


Return on asset (ROA)


Return of investement (ROI)


Return on equity (ROE)


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