Our engineers and specialized technicians support the customer in the choice of  the best solutions for the realization of their products, thanks to co-design meetings and advanced simulation software.

Simulation, prototypes and co-design.

The design allows to correct any imperfections or malfunctions of the project  before moving on to the production phase, with a clear saving in terms of time and costs, and an optimization of the final result.

The technical department also develops the design of the equipment necessary for production. Through a dedicated department, the equipment is produced internally. The mechanical department is the heart MI.GA.L.'s know-how.

The Technical department is involved in the following activities:

  • Feasibility study of the project through solid modeling software for development of the best production process
  • Co-design projects with the customer for product optimization
  • Design and manufacture of molds and equipment
  • Tool design
  • Direct contact with mechanical department
  • Prototyping department 
  • Support for development of product industrialization
  • Technical customer service (from initial design to product evolution)
  • Cost analysis 

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